New Workshop in Reno, NV


In March, this year (2019) I’ll be teaching a workshop for emotional well-being. The practice follows my routine for transcending form. I utilize my knowledge in Metaphysics to help others explore exchanges of energy – more like alchemy. We will examine how thoughts precede matter and how we create the energy vibrations to help us achieve goals. Opening ourselves to possibilities enables us to transcend from trauma, wounds, and emotional binding that limit us from embodying limitless potential.

Having a safe space to practice techniques is important to allowing our minds to open up to the possibility of transformation.

I’m including a comprehensive workbook with guidance for transcending – creating a shift in your energy consciousness. Journal sections for each mode help you keep track of your progress. This is more than just a one-time practice. The more often you follow the methods, the better you become – the more you can achieve.

I’m thrilled to share my experiences as I’ve always enjoyed Metaphysical Concepts and applying them to my life.