In 2007 I had an incredible opportunity to study under a wonderful teacher and friend who’s background I found quite interesting. As a Benedictine Monk, Bob Nielsen instilled his wisdom and knowledge of ancient philosophy in me over a few short years that I will be forever grateful. I continued to read and study the ancients, Aristotle, Socrates, Buddha, etc and later discovered authors such as Deepak Chopra and the like finding these as kindred souls. As much as I enjoyed reading the ideas set forth by these thinkers, I realized how much I tended to manifest the ideals in my life and thought processes. People started coming to me for advice. In return, I offered my heart-felt thoughts to help. Recently, I came across an article that posed an interesting question. In a nut-shell, it compelled the reader to look upon his or her direction and purpose. If the purpose wasn’t clear, one should ask instead of what would I do for free, rather, what would I pay to have available to me? Thus, my own journey to discover my purpose.

Today, I can honestly say that my purpose is to provide an avenue for those who seek wisdom in order to live an optimal life. I doubt I need to become a monk, but indeed the student became a teacher.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. perry katkin

    Cheryl is a wonderful person. i work with her everyday. She is honest and kind. She is teaching me to eat better! She is a mature person who respects people and is non-judgemental!!


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  4. ariana houston

    cheryl you are a phenomenal women and teacher. I have learned a vast amount from you, and you have helped contribute to the person I am and and am becoming. thank you for everything.
    Ariana Houston

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