Ah, Peppermint: What you do for me.



Peppermint oilAh, peppermint. Where do I start?

You might have a love relationship with peppermint if you put it in some water to boost digestive health and relieve gas symptoms.

You might have a love relationship with peppermint if you rub it into your temples when you have a headache, or onto the back of the neck to boost athletic performance or to help relieve stress.

Do you diffuse it into the air to help with mental clarity? Or do you add it to your toothbrush for fresher breath?

Peppermint is so versatile.  I like to add it to homemade chocolate or chocolate brownies.

I like to add it to my natural homemade room spray. It pairs well with purification for a homemade bug repellent, another featured oil in this series.

My mother grew this plant in the yard while I was growing up.  I loved grazing on the leaves. Later, in my own yard, I was surprised to find out that it’s quite an invasive plant. Be careful to try to limit its root system to a contained space. It will take over. The oil, therefore, can be less expensive than the others. Aim to find the best quality available.

Peppermint tea has been around for years. Make your own by adding a drop of 100% pure therapeutic grade oil marked as a supplement to hot water for the best results.

Remember that in order for these oils to work in your favor, their use must be coupled with a healthy lifestyle.  Don’t expect to go out and eat fast food, then come home and try to remedy poor, unhealthy habits. You simply will not reap the benefits. And like many herbal supplements, oils must be used daily to enhance the great health you’re looking for.

Enjoy Earth Day.



Poor Air Quality Abroad? Get R. C.


Sometimes the air conditioning units in hotels just make my nose stuffy. That is when I reach for RC, Young Living essential oil. RC is a blend of oils known to help with allergies, sinus issues, and colds. Basically, RC stands for Respiratory Conditions. This blend of eucalyptus, myrtle, marjoram, and pine (among others) is the best oil to carry while traveling because it not only helps calm the muscles around the sinuses, it helps to open up the airways, a must for sleeping at night. I say it acts much like the commercial chest rubs without the petroleum oils that seep into our systems. The scent is much lighter too. Diffuse and apply to the chest and back for the best benefit. This oil can be applied to the bottoms of the feet of younger folks or added to a bowl of steaming water. Place a towel over the head and inhale for sinus relief.





Take a ride on a butterfly’s back

Years ago, I would play a game with my mind that I thought was just for fun. I didn’t spend a lot of time playing this game, but every now and again I liked to gain a different perspective while outside riding my bike or doing what kids do for amusement. I suppose I
credit the writers of the television show I Dream of Jeannie whom I believe were onto something when Jeannie became really small. Most of the time we’d see her in her bottle. I’m sure it was a life size set to provide an illusion for the viewer. There were other times when she’d blink herself small to hide from Dr. Bellows, or anyone else, and wind up in the strangest places. Here the viewer would gain perspective from that of Major Nelson’s front shirt pocket, or my favorite, the pencil cup where she’d struggle with the weight and unbalance of giant beams. If I tried, I could imagine myself just as small. If I tried harder, I could place myself anywhere in a room and ‘see’ myself in that room from the vantage point of where I’d be standing or sitting. I had fun with this, but that’s where the game would end.

It’s only recently upon reading several works of Deepak Chopra, did I understand the perspective game actually has a function and a purpose. In one of his more recent books, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Super Heroes, Chopra guides the reader through The Law of Transcendence, quite simply the law of Thermodynamics and Quantum Physics. In the book, he will call it shape shifting because the law poses two conditions, one that the body is always changing and moving in any direction. The other suggests that any time we resist growing and developing, there is a downward pull. The point being that we take great care in improving our lives or the downward or negative pull happens as a counter.

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Upon knowing how the law works, we can understand that gaining a better or different perspective will inevitably helps us achieve a higher self so long as that perspective helps us grow rather than hinder us.

Think of this, you want to do something you’ve only ever seen others do. Ask yourself, “Am I not a human being? Don’t I have all the qualities that make me this? Then why can’t I do the same?” Truly you are equipped. So go ahead and do it.

Here’s how your small self on the top of the tree can view the you you want to be. Simply watch yourself perform the action. Perhaps you’d have to do so as if it is a movie you create in your mind. Nonetheless, decide to take on a new task that will help you grow. More or less, from this vantage point, you would watch or allow your body to do what only your mind keeps thinking you can’t.

For fun, take on the small shape again and place yourself anywhere you’d like to be. Sit on the shelf and watch yourself wash the dishes, or make dinner. Go outside with your mind and see where you live. Sit upon a treetop and watch children play from that perspective. Once you get the hang of it, you can soar with the eagles, you can shape-shift and become the waves, or you can take a ride upon a butterfly’s shoulders.