Get your lemon on!



One of my most favorite essential oils is lemon. It’s so versatile.

Because it tastes so fresh, it helps me get my daily recommended quota of water everyday. I don’t know about you, but there are days I just struggle to swallow 64 oz of the stuff. It can be outright bland.

Lemon, makes my water a treat. And, gosh, if you own one of those Soda Stream machines, you’ve got yourselves an amazing substitute for all that sugary soda we drink. When I want to get a little fancy, I will add a drop or two of lime essential oil  as well.

I don’t miss the sugar, and I stay hydrated.

I keep a small bottle of lemon in my purse, so whenever I’m out at a restaurant, I just add a drop of lemon oil, especially in places where the water doesn’t taste so good.

While less exotic as some essential oils, this one does have its perks. Besides its taste, lemon oil, and most other citrus oils, are invigorating. Lemon is known for its d-limonene content, 68%. Used daily, it can help dissolve gallstones, relieve heartburn and reflux, and counteract against different types of cancer (Sun, 2007). Lemon is a commonly used flavoring in food and juices. I add the essential oil to my freshly baked fish, baked goods, in salads, and my morning smoothie knowing I’m getting the added benefits of d-limonene.

Many people question whether this oil will have an adverse effect on sensitive teeth. The answer is simple. The oil is much different from the juice. It’s pH neutral. Lemon juice is acidic at about 2.3 pH which equals about 5% acidity. The oil, on the other hand is made strictly from the rind and skin.

75 lemons are distilled to make one 15ml bottle of Young Living Essential Lemon oil. The result is a highly concentrated oil and safe for consumption.

If you’re ready to ditch the chemicals for a toxic free home, lemon oil can help. You’ve probably already noticed that the commercial products for polishing furniture use the scent of lemon. The synthetic oil is not the same. Why not make your own? This is exciting – add one or two drops of lemon to a tsp of coconut oil on a soft cloth. Not only will the wood shine, but the house will smell incredibly clean. Don’t forget to diffuse the lemon oil to purify the air too.

A 15ml bottle of lemon oil contains 250 drops making this oil economical. Brace yourself.  The retail price of YL Lemon oil is less than $15.00. It’s included in the Premium Starter kit as well. Once you purchase the kit, your cost will be lower since members receive 24% off all products.
Think about the money saved here. You are sure to find so many uses for Lemon oil. It’s also a main ingredient in the immune building oil, Thieves.

Another great advantage to diffusing Lemon is its uplifting effects and as an aid in concentration. So much better than caffeine, I am more alert when working from home or while I’m at the office. Even if you’re not close to a place to plug in a diffuser,  just rub a drop into the palms of your hands and cup them over your nose while inhaling deeply for the same effect. Wow.

I don’t want to forget to mention that while it seems that detoxing is the latest craze in weight loss, the lemon oil does help flush the system effectively and aids with normalizing digestion. That’s really what detoxing means. The goal is to help your body do its job – eliminate the harmful toxins that are ingested each day. These toxins aren’t just what is consumed by mouth. Toxins are in the air we breathe and the stress we accumulate over time. Removing toxins is just one step toward weight loss and mental clarity. Who wouldn’t want that?

Yes, this post has a lot of information, but I hope you’re just as excited about using lemon oil as part of your daily supplemental routine as I am. For information on how to order, use



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Panning for Gold

There’s nothing like panning for gold. Last month, I was in a river bed in California with a gold pan in my hands as did many generations of miners before me, each seeking his or her fortune. On a whim, a friend and I decided to try our luck and have some fun. The day was bright and sunny as we waded through the glistening water. The ore flakes float as the sun rays reflect on them as we swished the stones in full anticipation.

When I think about it today, I recall the fun we had; but I also think about the immense concentration and focus gold panning takes. We barely spoke to each other during those few hours. Each stone needed examining. Each deliberate swish of water was needed to clear away the unworthy stones. We looked for the heaviest of all, gold.
At the end of the day, we both had to be pulled, no, yanked from our meditations because we had lost all track of time.

You see, it’s like that. When we meditate and focus on the self, that same type of concentration should be used not just to pull a metal from the waters but to discover the gold within ourselves.

So the next time you want to find the treasure that is within yourself, sit quietly in nature to help you achieve this mental attentiveness. It will not only refresh you, but you’ll look forward another moment to be with yourself. Priceless.


Emotional Intelligence


Summer trip to Yosemite. Glacier Point

Summer trip to Yosemite. Glacier Point

Photo: Courtesy of Big Data Technologies ❤

I recently attended an emotional intelligence mini-seminar. It's the latest catch-phrase in business and in psychology. When you need to be prepared in your personal relationships or professionally, you will want to draw on your own emotional intelligence. By doing so, you'll need to be more aware of your emotions to be able to control them in any situation. And when you can handle these interpersonal relationships with empathy, you can temper heated scenarios. "Know Thyself" is a Greek aphorism which means the more we know ourselves, the more likely we can guess how others will behave. But better yet, we will know how we will behave when someone pushes our trigger buttons, our emotional weaknesses that make us defensive, feel hurt, and the like. Self awareness helps us identify our own reactions to situations, and thus sensibly respond rather than react to them. Socrates suggests that we may jump too quickly to external cues with a full evaluation. Sometimes we need to access the situation, make inferences or determine what other situations you're associating this moment with, provide introspection first, and then respond differently for a better outcome.

Sometimes, we resort to our own natural tendencies and behave in similar ways from our past. This is normal. But to improve, we need to go through the process of self discovery. Ask yourself why you are feeling the way you do. Discover what connection you make to some past event. Then understand how you would normally react before you can shift gears and respond DIFFERENTLY.

Occasionally, in situations, I notice the back of my neck getting really hot before I become the dark-self I don't like. Responding differently is the ability to differentiate the new situation to the past ones. At this point you can consider other people's feeling and acknowledge them either by stating that you recognize the intense moment and emotional impact or offering your help. Continue to utilize your new skills; they are certain to come in handy.

When we can change our own behaviors, we are likely to find ourselves happier in our healthier relationships.

To 'Know Thyself' is the beginning of wisdom.



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“The unexamined…


“The unexamined life is not worth living” ~ Socrates

Clearly, this quote has brought great reflection along with frustration. It’s been a motto of mine for years. I can state this sentiment in a modern way.

Check yourself at the door.

Before leaving the house in the morning, we all check how we look in the mirror. We make sure our clothes are neat in appearance as to make good impressions. But how often are we looking within? Do we sense that our motives are genuine? Will we offer our seat to an elderly person, or offer ourselves to anyone in need? Do we acknowledge anything we have said or done to another that needs rectifying? Did we sleep well the night before? And if not, did we awake in the middle of the night with a nagging feeling that something has to change?

You see, what happens at 2 or 3am is our conscience waking us up. This is our true self; ignore if you must, but eventually, you’ll come to realize that whatever it is that wakes you, (ie. I didn’t call my mother; my relationship is toxic, for example) will provide a truer, more accurate sense of the things in life that matter to you. Pay attention to you. This is your life. Make it true to you.

I recently found myself compelled to start this blog. I hope this is the start to helping others find inner peace and some wisdom as well.