Travel with Panaway Essential Oil

Today’s post will also focus on an essential oil you should not be without, Young Living’s Panaway. The main ingredients in Panaway are wintergreen,  helichrysum, clove, and peppermint. If you enjoy sports or outdoor activities,  don’t leave home without this essential oil blend. Its aspirin-like properties work well for muscle and joint pain. My motherContinue reading “Travel with Panaway Essential Oil”

Travel with Copaiba essential oil

Traveling without the benefits of Copaiba essential oil would be a great mistake. Its smell is light and balsamic, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s not a powerful oil. Though this is a lesser known oil, copaiba is in the YL Premium Starter kit as an everyday oil because of its versatility.Continue reading “Travel with Copaiba essential oil”

Traveling with essential oils

Hello all, I decided to start a new series of ‘how to’ blogs based on essential oils and their everyday uses. Today I want to share how to make good use of the oils in the Premium Starter kit by Young Living. This kit comes with ten oils, plus a bonus oil and roller ballContinue reading “Traveling with essential oils”